While living in Georgia I had the awesome opportunity to contract Tashiana as my personal trainer. I was in need of stress management and weight loss. She helped me accomplish both. After I moved from Georgia I was afraid I was not going to be able to benefit from Tashiana’s services since I would be living in Missouri. I was wrong! Tashiana has done a great job of writing out a stress management and exercise regimen for me, and working with me via phone to keep me on track. Whether you are in town or in another location, Tashiana’s services are great!

Christie C-Missouri

Tashiana Cheeks has helped change my life in so many ways. My attitude towards working out and eating right has changed completely. I went from hardly stepping foot in a gym and doing physical activity once a week to doing something physical for at least 30 minutes every day. I eat healthier food options like more vegetables and fruit, less sugary foods, and hardly any carbs. My already decent confidence level has raised and I feel better than I used to. I really appreciate all the work she did to help me become a better me.

Afi G- Georgia

I met Tashiana at a retreat where she taught a wonderful yoga class. At the same time, I was starting to make some positive changes in my health. I had just started working out, but I knew that I needed some extra support with my eating habits. Tashiana was exactly what I needed. She developed an eating and work out plan, based on my specific needs and habits. She put everything in writing so that the plan was easy to follow. She provided the emotional support and checked on my progress on a weekly basis. Tashiana was always available to answer any questions and often provided suggestions to just about every issue that I encountered. She also made a special trip to my office fitness center to train me and show me some other ways to work out. After about one month of following the plan, I lost 10 pounds and was able to maintain it even during my vacation to Costa Rica. So far, I have lost 3 inches on my hips and a total of 13 pounds. My goal is another 10 pounds by November and with Tashiana’s help, I feel confident that I can lose the weight and maintain my lifestyle. I recommend Balance & Evolve to anyone looking for positive results.

Kim L-Georgia

My granddaughter Trikea is getting her body back in shape. I am very proud of her. I am thankful to the personal training and coaching that she got this summer from Tashiana Cheeks. When I saw Trikea this summer beginning to gain weight and not seem to care about her body anymore, I asked Tashiana to work with her. The results were great. Tashiana worked with her hard and encouraged her to train and be aware of her eating habits. You could immediately see the changes not only in her body but also in her returning to care about her body. She sends her food lists to Tashiana everyday which makes her more aware of what she is eating. I am proud of her and thankful to Tashiana for the work she does with young people. I know at least one other young college student who she did the same type of work with and she is also making great progress.

Nellie W-Georgia

Tashiana worked one-on-one with my daughter during her summer break from college. She gained a considerable amount of weight during her 1st year in college and I knew it was important to get intervention as quickly as possible. I hired Tashiana for personal training but her approach deals with the whole person. She provided coaching, fitness training, and was able to help my daughter with making some important life decisions. Tashiana really listens to her clients and make them feel like they are valued and important. With Tashiana’s approach my daughter has rendered great results and she is using the tools she learned to continue living healthy even as a college student. Tashiana continues to support my daughter via phone coaching.

Thank you Tashiana for everything you have done and continue to do towards helping my daughter become a healthier person, physically and mentally!

Angela G-Georgia