About Us: Finding Balance

I have always loved good food and exercise. For me, though, good food consisted of those high in fat and sugar. As I matured, I realized food was my favorite form of entertainment, a drug, a friend, my most dependable form of support, and my healer. I was addicted and I didn’t know it.

For years, I ate whatever I wanted and used pro-biotics and digestive enzymes as a way to soothe my upset stomach. It took many years to relate my stomach issues not only to the foods I was eating but also to my inability to manage stress. After years of searching for answers, I shared my story with my college roommate who suggested I try eliminating gluten from my diet. I later eliminated dairy from my diet as well. I noticed my stomach issues began to subside and I no longer needed to rely on digestive enzymes. Thus, my journey to better health began. Today my focus is on maintaining a healthy balance through physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. My life’s mission has become to assist others in finding balance in their lives by enabling them to reach their health and fitness goals.